La ofrenda

At some point we are two people, or three or a hundred. We are part of a side us that exists at the same time.

Serie Frida Obra IX

Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter and muralist, created an absolutely personal, sensitive and complex style. Through his work she developed a powerful autobiographical instrument that today is a symbol of Latin American identity and a personality that has gained its place in universal history. This is my permanent tribute.
Carlos Oviedo

Always Exploring The Human Dimension

Leap of Faith II

With this piece I want to explore the nature of man in his search for truth, reason, beauty and goodness.

Sculpture made in bronze, 102 cm high.

Encanto Renacentista

Geometry for me is a constant source of inspiration, its deep relationship with the human figure and with the making of the world can not be ignored.

Oil on linen, 160 cm x 130 cm

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