Part of my passion

La Ofrenda

At some point we are two people, or three or a hundred. We are part of a side us that exists at the same time.

El Presente

I just wish it lasted a little longer, that this moment extended infinitely and that infinitely I could breathe.

Serie Frida Obra IX

Frida Kahlo, Mexican painter and muralist, created an absolutely personal, sensitive and complex style. Through his work she developed a powerful autobiographical instrument that today is a symbol of Latin American identity and a personality that has gained its place in universal history. This is my permanent tribute.
Carlos Oviedo

Always Exploring The Human Dimension

Leap of Faith II

With this piece I want to explore the nature of man in his search for truth, reason, beauty and goodness.

Sculpture made in bronze, 102 cm high.

Encanto Renacentista

Geometry for me is a constant source of inspiration, its deep relationship with the human figure and with the making of the world can not be ignored.

Oil on linen, 160 cm x 130 cm

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